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[New report] Lost in transaction - The hidden cost of accounting errors

Posted by Per Holmlund
on 3 apr. 2019


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Topics: business automation, recovery audit, invoice management

Introducing Invoice Shield: the accounts payable automation solution

Posted by Per Holmlund
on 10 okt. 2018

It's all about efficiency and making the best use of your organisation's time. Today we're announcing the release of Invoice Shield - the fastest way for any organisation to improve and automate invoice management. Without disrupting the current IT stack.

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Topics: business automation, invoice management, invoice firewall, invoice shield

The hidden cost of invoice management

Posted by Per Holmlund
on 10 sep. 2018

Transactions make your business tick. The important processes of making sure that you get paid for products and services you sell - and naturally pay the right amount for your purchases - places accounts payable and accounts receivable teams at the core in any organisation. How much are you prepared to pay for these processes to run smoothly? 

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Topics: digital readiness, invoice management, invoicing costs

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Qvalia transaction automation platform offers a new capabilities in sales and purchase processes. Send and receive e-invoices for free, automate validation and workflows, and realise the benefits of fully data-driven decision-making in procurement.


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