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Webinar: Digital Transformation for CFOs

Posted by Per Holmlund
on 14 dec. 2018


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Topics: financial process automation, webinar, business automation

5 challenges for accounts payable teams

Posted by Per Holmlund
on 13 nov. 2018

Accounts payable teams are on their toes to process transactions as efficiently as possible. However, some challenges keep making work unnecessarily hard.

Besides adding to the workload, they also constitute a critical threshold in adopting digitally aligned processes. In other words, they affect the ability to increase automation. Here are the top five challenges for accounts payable.

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Topics: financial process automation, accounts payable

What is the CFO's role in digital transformation?

Posted by Per Holmlund
on 7 nov. 2018

The ultimate buzz in today’s business is digital transformation. It is on everyone’s agenda. Most organisations feel the pressure. Digitisation changes the business landscape in an accelerating speed, whether it’s how we bring customer value, compete or collaborate.

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Topics: financial process automation, business automation, digitisation

New ebook: Business automation for CFOs

Posted by Per Holmlund
on 26 okt. 2018

What is the CFO's role in business automation? 

Everyone is feeling the digital transformation pressure. Digitisation and automation changes the business landscape rapidly. Our new ebook CFO's Guide to Business Automation presents an approach.

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Topics: business automation, digitisation, accounts payable, financial process automation

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